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The American Beauties series began at the end of the 20th Century and still Greg Hildebrandt continues to create stunning paintings and stunning beauties

"When I sat down to choose what kind of women I wanted to portray in my series I knew that I had to have 'Good Girls' and the 'Not so Good Girls.'"

Greg Hildebrandt pinup artist

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The series has led to several nose art commissions and Greg loves painting on WWII planes. Russian Ta Get Ya was painted on a B25 bomber and took around a week to complete. Tai Wun On was painted on a 1945 Bearcat nose.

Classic motor vehicles are a favourite prop for Greg’s pin-ups. He has commented on his background that "Almost everyone worked in the auto industry on one level or another".

Here I am 4 years later with 35 paintings in this series and I still have a mountain of sketches on my drawing board

Greg Hildebrandt about American Beauties in 2004

"I am considered a 'realist'. I have spent my entire life studying light and the effect it has on objects. Many people have said to me that they love my art because it looks real enough to walk into. That is what I think they like the most. I work in acrylic. I am fast with it and I really like it. I can paint with watercolor or oil. But I prefer acrylics. When I start an idea for a new pinup first I decide which type of pin-up I want to paint. There are good girls, bad girls, cute girls, show girls etc. Then I do very small thumbnail sketches. I probably draw 50-200 of them before a pose hits me. Then I decide what I want the background setting to be. Once I have determined the location I do more thumb nail sketches from different angles. When I get to the one I like I do more refined sketches."

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