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Greg Hildebrandt pin-up artist | 2/3

The American Beauties series began at the end of the 20th Century and still Greg Hildebrandt continues to create stunning paintings and stunning beauties

Greg Hildebrandt as pinup artistGreg Hildebrandt (b.1939)

"When I sat down to choose what kind of women I wanted to portray in my series I knew that I had to have 'Good Girls' and the 'Not so Good Girls'"

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"Here I am 4 years later with 35 paintings in this series and I still have a mountain of sketches on my drawing board," said Greg in 2004. "I have decided that if I lived five lifetimes I would not be able to paint all the images of beautiful women that I see in my mind. So I keep sketching and picking individual pieces to paint. I keep searching for the perfect model to fit my images. I keep buying vintage clothes and stuff to use in the paintings. And I keep hoping that I have another 30 or 40 years to paint."

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