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Greg's American Beauties are a combination of beautiful women and richly detailed backgrounds creating an atmosphere and story that are not often seen in the world of pin-up illustration

"What are my American Beauties? The things that dreams are made of I guess ... at least my dreams I should say"

Greg Hildebrandt pinup artist

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The series has led to several nose art commissions and Greg loves painting on WWII planes. Russian Ta Get Ya was painted on a B25 bomber and took around a week to complete (see next gallery). Tai Wun On was painted on a 1945 Bearcat nose (see below).

Classic motor vehicles are a favourite prop for Greg’s pin-ups. He has commented on his background that "Almost everyone worked in the auto industry on one level or another".

Here I am 4 years later with 35 paintings in this series and I still have a mountain of sketches on my drawing board

Greg Hildebrandt in 2004

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