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Greg Hildebrandt pin-up artist

"What is an American Beauty? Every woman ever born!"

Greg Hildebrandt as pinup artistGreg Hildebrandt (b.1939)

"What are my American Beauties? The things that dreams are made of I guess ... at least my dreams I should say"

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"American Beauties was a long time in the making for me. I hope you enjoy the art as much as I enjoy creating it. I hope my American Beauties art has the ability to transform and inspire you. I hope that it stirs passions within you. And I hope that it fulfils your fantasies and dreams."

Since then Greg has added to this stunning series of pin-up artworks on a regular basis.

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Each piece has been taken from Greg's classic American Beauties pin-up series, reworked and given a vintage theme. These prints are highly collectible and EXCLUSIVE to The Pin-up Files!
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