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Greg Hildebrandt pin-up artist | 3/3


Greg's American Beauties are a combination of beautiful women and richly detailed backgrounds creating an atmosphere and story that are not often seen in the world of pin-up illustration

"What are my American Beauties? The things that dreams are made of I guess ... at least my dreams I should say."

Greg Hildebrandt pinup artist

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"Once I have the sketch the way I want it I give it to Jean Scrocco, my business manager/agent. She finds me a model that looks very similar to the girl I have sketched. She sets up the posing session and makes sure the model has the right clothing for the pose. After the model poses, the shots I want to work from are printed. Then I do a finished sketch. This sketch finalizes the composition and lighting setup for the painting. Then I determine the size I want to paint it. I cut the canvas. I blow up my sketch on a copy machine to the size of the canvas and transfer the sketch with graphite paper. Then I paint it."

I have decided that if I lived five lifetimes I would not be able to paint all the images of beautiful women that I see in my mind ... so I keep sketching and picking individual pieces to paint

Greg Hildebrandt

"Many people have said to me that they love my art because it looks real enough to walk into. I keep searching for the perfect model to fit my images - I keep buying vintage clothes and stuff to use in the paintings, and I keep hoping that I have another 30 or 40 years to paint.

"American Beauties was a long time in the making for me and I hope you enjoy the art as much as I enjoy creating it. I hope that it stirs passions within you ... and I hope that it fulfils your fantasies and dreams."

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