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Talia Stephens pin-up photographer

In 2009 New Zealand photographer Talia Stephens started Miss T Pinups, its photographic style celebrating femininity and form with a hint of tease

Talia Stephens - pinup photographer and founder of Ms T PinupsTalia Stephens

"When I first started out I felt like people didn’t take me seriously because I was fairly young, but it turned out to only be a barrier that I set up for myself ... confidence is key and if you believe you can do it, others will too"

Talia Stephens feels that women should celebrate their beauty and inner diva - that's why she created Miss T Pinups and it has proven to be very popular.

Inspired by the original pin-up girls of the 1940s and 1950s, Miss T Pinups glams it up and incorporates a touch of Hollywood, rock and Alberto Vargas.

My pin-up photography isn't just to get pretty photos - it's to help inspire and awaken confidence in all of the lovely ladies I have the privilege to work with
Talia Stephens

There is no doubt that Talia loves what she does.

"What I do is so much fun. I am so inspired by all the ladies that I meet. Everyone has something completely unique about them. I am so privileged to be doing this.

"I wanted to facilitate glamour and pampering in an environment where ladies can feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. When people are confident, their true personality shines through."

Talia is an award winning photographer and Chairperson of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography - Auckland Region.

Want to know more? Go to Miss T Pinups for lots more photographs, news, packages and booking details.
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