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About The Pin-up Files

About The Pin-up Files

The Pin-up Files was launched in March 2001. The initial concept was to create a pin-up “art archive”, a reference resource dedicated to vintage artists. Over time we began to include contemporary artists and much later, photographers.

Around 2004, we created a Yahoo! Group (now fallen by the wayside) which soon grew to over 7,000 members which included pin-up artists, scholars, authors, gallery owners and models.

In August 2010 we founded our Facebook page which rapidly attracted an enthusiastic fan base and continues to go from strength to strength. Our posts are drawn from sources spanning the whole pin-up genre, and we also use the platform to keep people informed about new developments within the Pin-up Files website. Twitter followed soon after.

Also in 2010 we founded our blog, Pin-up Extra, a source of miscellaneous news and glamour from vintage lingerie ads to alternative models.

Founded in 2011, our Tumblr and Pinterest sites are freeform image resources with Tumblr in particular containing a huge stock of random contemporary “pin-up” images.

In May 2014 we became The Pin-up Files Ltd.

In August 2014 we launched our online fine art print store.

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