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Al Abbazia pin-up photographer

Florida based photographer and artist, Al Abbazia, creates pin-up with a unique twist

Al Abbazia pinup photographerAl Abbazia

"I have always been in love with art. I traded in my charcoal and brushes for a camera and computer five years ago and haven't looked back"

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Al has spent half his life in Florida. An actor for most of his life, he found a new passion for photography and art around 2006. With the talent of his wonderful models, Al creates a unique brand of retro, as well as modern pin up.

"My biggest influences in pin-up are Gil Elvgren and Ralph Burch. Also being a fan of animation (especially anything Pixar), I try and tell a story (or part of a story) with my images. Something beyond the beautiful model you see. I am honored to be in such great company."

Exhibitions and shows:

Want to know more? You can view more of Al Abbazia's work at various art shows in florida or on his website - take a stroll down Martini Avenue - The Art and Photography of Al Ababzia. Some of his work is sold as limited edition prints on metallic paper. Each is signed and numbered.
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