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Nathalie Rattner's series of pin-up artworks takes her audience on a journey through the glamour and beauty of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, all the way up to the best contemporary day examples of the art-form

Nathalie RattnerNathalie Rattner

With her unique method of combining shaved charcoal, graphite and dry pastel with ink and airbrushing techniques, she is able to breathe distinctive life and energy into these classic pieces of art.

Nathalie Rattner is a highly versatile, award winning Canadian artist whose works have been sold to private collections in North America. Throughout her career, she has been inspired by her love of life, history and the diversity of the world around her.

Painting and drawing have always been a part of Nathalie's life. During her studies in high school, she developed a cartoon character that was used on a NASA website, and she has contributed additional images to the website in subsequent years. Nathalie continued to hone her skills in multiple art-forms and became a largely self-taught artist.

Her work has appeared in juried competitions, national magazines, newspapers and Internet design blogs. In 2008, Nathalie was awarded the first prize in a competition held by the South Shore Arts Center (Boston) for "The Dude" and an Award of Merit in the Black, White and Grey Competition for her work entitled "Sunday in the Park".

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The Art of Nathalie Rattner
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