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Crystal Wall Lancaster pin-up artist

Canadian artist Crystal Wall Lancaster puts her own spin on the cartoon pin-up with Pinup Bombshells!

Crystal Wall Lancaster pin-up artistCrystal Wall Lancaster

Pinup Bombshells is the home of sensual and voluptuous cartoon betties that celebrate the pinup, rockabilly, old Hollywood and alternative cultures!

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Crystal Wall Lancaster is a concept illustrator and digital painter residing in New Brunswick, Canada. Traditionally trained in animation, Crystal graduated Valedictorian from NBCC Miramichi and for the next five years worked in the television animation industry as an animator and designer.

After the birth of her first child in 2007, Crystal moved into painting and illustration, quickly garnering fans and gallery shows in LA, Seattle and Ottawa. With her passion for digital-based painting ignited, Crystal taught herself Photoshop and has been creating digital artwork ever since. Her piece, After the Rapture was chosen by an advisory board of professionals for the cover of the Limited Edition version of EXPOSÉ 10, an internationally recognized annual digital art book featuring a record-smashing 548 images by 380 artists.

My aim is to grow the Pinup Bombshells brand into a house hold name, similar to other great brands, such as Ed Hardy or Hello Kitty
Crystal Wall Lancaster

Pursuing her fascination with pin-up art, Crystal is currently fusing her distinctive illustration style with retro elements, tattoos, piercings and banging bodies to create pinups for her exciting side project, Pinup Bombshells.

Inspired by the fun and flirty works of cartoonists and illustrators such as Jack Cole, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Wenzel, Don Flowers, Gil Elvgren, Baron von Lind and Rion Vernon, to name a few, Crystal set out to put her own spin on the cartoon pin-up! Starlets of Hollywood's Golden Age as well as the independent, tattooed, modern woman of today are the inspiration behind each Pinup Bombshells creation.

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Pinup Bombshells

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