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Gil Elvgren pin-up artist | gallery 6/9


Hundreds of illustrators longed to be able to paint girls as Elvgren did

Painting each assignment with increasing ease and confidence, he created his greatest and most sophisticated pinups in the later stages of his career.

Gil Elvgren pinup artist - self protrait

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Although Alberto Vargas and George Petty had both been very popular, their appeal was limited to a specific public. Elvgren on the other hand was applauded by both the public and his peers a distinction that neither Vargas nor Petty enjoyed. His ability and technique were admired and respected throughout the commercial-art industry.

As a result of this admiration, and because his own skills had developed to such an extent, by 1958 Elvgren felt extremely comfortable with both his talent and his success. Elvgren's early work is much tighter than his later paintings, which are structurally more relaxed and less academic (or so he made it appear).

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