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Susan Heidi pin-up artist


Susan Heidi feels that it is the provocative nature of the tease that makes retro pin-up so desirable even in contemporary times

As the pin-up comeback is gaining a fever pitch in the areas of art, fashion, and pop culture throughout the world, New York artist Susan Heidi has been skilfully rendering figurative works that celebrate the retro pin-up models at the centre of the trend

Susan Heid pinup artist

Susan Heidi is a self-taught artist who began drawing figurative works at age five and quickly fell in love with the ability to create a likeness on paper. The inspiration for her pin-up art is today's retro movement which embraces the nostalgia of a bygone era and spices it up with a contemporary, take-charge attitude. In breaking with the traditional view of the pin-up model, Susan's inspiring ladies are independent, entrepreneurial types who showcase their individuality through their unique retro glamour, rockabilly, and burlesque styles.

Susan's pinups are typically painted in watercolour or acrylic paints using a technique the artist developed to create an image that comes alive. Her greatest artistic influences are Alberto Vargas, Adolphe-William Bouguereau, and Leonardo da Vinci - artists who were celebrated for their ability to capture the sinuous curves and come hither looks of beautiful women. Susan's skill at rendering luminous skin tones has become a signature characteristic of her pin-up style which has been compared to that of well known pin-up masters.

Within a year of beginning to exhibit her pinups on her website,, Susan's work was exhibited by invitation with the top erotic artists from around the world and is being collected in the United States and Europe.

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