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Robert Mills pin-up artist


Commissioned by Playboy models and pro-team cheerleaders, US artist Robert Mills began his career in pin-up around a decade ago

"I'm fascinated with drawing women’s faces which led to pin-up - it's usually a face, hair, pose, body or concept, which will inspire me to start an illustration."

Robert Mills pinup artist

Robert Mills was born and raised in Southern California. He can always remember drawing even as young as being in the highchair. As with all kids, it started with drawings of comic heroes and cartoon characters. Then in high school, that changed evolving into women. His high school art teacher was an important influence: "My teacher would have a large amount of books and magazines for reference. I'd go through the fashion magazines and that’s when I started to draw women." That is also when he discovered the airbrush. From that point, it was onto college where Robert continued to refine his skills. During college, he was involved with several exhibitions including a one man show.

"I work fairly large, about life-size," says Robert, "and it's a compliment when someone sees a drawing and they say 'That's so & so'."

Right now, his interests are only in glamour and pin-up art.

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