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Anthony Guerra pin-up artist

Throughout the past decade Anthony Guerra has completed hundreds of paintings and taken thousands of reference shots of beautiful women

Anthony GuerraAnthony Guerra (b.1970)

"I didn't actually start painting women as my primary subject until late 2000. It began with an idea that was brought to me by a businessman in San Antonio, Texas, a simple photoshoot with a pretty model, some strobes and a flimsy backdrop. After that it was just a matter of building this career of mine to where I am today and continuing on to where I will be tomorrow."

Anthony Guerra's journey started at the American College for the Applied Arts (Atlanta) in 1988 and then a few years later he graduated from the Art Institute of Houston and headed straight into a job illustrating for a well-known children’s book company. During this period he was also teaching art classes and taking on work from other sources. By 1998 he found that this income was surpassing that of illustrating children’s books - time to move on.

Says Anthony:

"From day one it has always been extremely important that everything I create is completely mine – from the idea to the reference shots to the finished artwork. It wasn’t until late 2007 that I actually started showing some of my photography and it wasn’t until 2009 that photography is actually being included on my website.

"For 6 great years after I left illustrating children’s books I spent much of my time teaching classes all over the nation including a brief stint with Airbrush Action Magazine in 2000. I was fortunate to teach hundreds of students the many techniques that I know as well as invite other instructors and artists from all over the world to expand on their techniques in my classes. "Teaching" art has always been a love of mine but in 2004 I put it all on hold to create and manage the licensing of my images to particular markets on the internet. At the time I really didn’t realize the overall dedication I had to devote to this venture but I quickly found out.

"In 2006 the licensing of my images became so popular to many fans around the world that I couldn’t get out of it. I decided that since I couldn’t get out of it I would embrace it wholeheartedly. I invited my wife and a few friends to join me in my new-found popularity and, together, my wife, Michelle, and I formed an artist image licensing company called Creative Image Licensing & Management (CILM). Since our company was the first of its kind we grew extremely fast and it forced me to put my creative career on hold to protect, market and promote all the artists that we began marketing and representing. This lasted almost 5 years when I started to feel that is was time to get back to my love of creating so on December 31st, 2010 I decided to close CILM - a tremendous ride but creativity came-a-calling."

Want to know more? Go to Guerra Fine Art to see his photography, buy original artwork and follow his blog.
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