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Michael Landefeld is best known for his beautiful pin-up girls, whose fusion of retro charm and contemporary spice make them instantly recognizable and known throughout the art world

Michael's pin-up girls can be seen on everything from tee shirts to stickers to rolling papers. His girls have even shown up as tattoos and boat art.

Michael Landefeld pinup artist

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Michael has been a prolific artist since childhood. Marking a career high point, Michael was named "Best Artist" of his high school graduating class. He attended The Art Institute of Philadelphia and graduated with best portfolio honors in 1989 with a degree in illustration.

After graduation, Michael worked as a commercial story board artist, but got his start in the apparel industry when he was hired by Fila Sports as a graphic designer. In 2002, Michael struck out on his own, founding MLTee Designs, a decorated screen print apparel company. One of Michael's first clients asked him to create a vintage pin-up design for a Hawaiian Beer label and a love affair was born.

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